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At the law offices of Harris, Wyatt & Amala, LLC, we strive to provide clients with trustworthy legal guidance. Combining decades of experience and skill, our attorneys are zealous advocates of justice who are eager to assist you with your Oregon injury. We understand the devastation and frustration an injury often causes. As a result, we are unyielding when it comes to helping personal injury victims.

Clients have come to recognize the law firm of Harris, Wyatt & Amala, LLC, as being knowledgeable, understanding, and tenacious. For more information on how we can help you visit our legal areas of practice page.

Effective Personal Injury Representation for Salem Oregon

If you or someone you love sustains a personal injury, you must seek legal aid immediately. The time you have to file a lawsuit may be running out. However, with the assistance of the Oregon personal injury attorneys at Harris, Wyatt & Amala, LLC, you can move on with your life. Our lawyers are prepared to work with you every step of the way. It is our goal to minimize the stress and frustration of your injury by guiding you through the legal process.

Personal and Effective Injury Legal Assistance

When you choose the talented attorneys at our Oregon law firm, you gain a team of formidable allies who are ready to look out for your best interests. Over the years, we have gained a reputation for being sympathetic and patient. We provide our clients with unparalleled personalized legal service they can trust. Furthermore, we work tirelessly to help our clients obtain fair settlements and just compensation, so they can leave their accidents in the past. Our firm also provides criminal defense services for clients who face serious criminal charges including drug offenses, DUI and traffic crimes, sex offenses, and Measure 11 crimes.

Expertise Provided by an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Pursuing a personal injury case involves inherent challenges, which is why it is vital to have an experienced injury lawyer and legal team at your side. Our injury attorneys have acquired legal skills that lay people simply do not have. We have access to investigators, forensic specialists, and expert witnesses that help us identify negligent parties responsible for causing injury. We can reconstruct an accident to determine the underlying cause or examine a product to discover whether it was defective. Some cases involve multiple causes and sources of compensation.

Estimating Damages

The idea of bringing a case against a negligent party is to spare you from the financial hardship that typically accompanies a serious injury. Arriving at appropriate compensation figures requires a certain level of expertise. An Oregon personal injury attorney devotes time consulting with professional experts, whether medical practitioners or economists, and carefully estimates your expenses for present and future medical care, lost wages and future earning capacity, along with lifestyle modifications for permanent disability.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Our legal team has extensive experience in negotiating settlements with insurance companies.  Our Oregon personal injury attorneys have years of direct contact with insurance companies and are aware of the ins and outs of the insurance business in Oregon.  We will prepare a timely and thorough settlement proposal to the insurance carrier to allow it to make a prompt, full and fair offer to settle our client’s claim.  This firm’s experience in negotiating relieves you of the stress and hassles involved in dealing with the insurance carrier.  This also levels the playing field giving you an experienced and trustworthy advocate in the negotiating process.  If the insurance carrier fails to make a full and fair settlement offer, we have the skills, experience, and desire to take the case to a jury trial.

Our firm prepares each and every case as though the case will be heard by a jury.  This practice along with our long experience in the personal injury field in Oregon allow us to obtain justice for our clients in all types of personal injury claims: wrongful death; product liability defect cases; automobile crash injury cases; bicycle accidents; pedestrian accidents; and trucking injury cases.

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