How To Minimize Your Risk Of Becoming A Motorcycle Crash Victim

A 2011 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report found that a motorcycle rider was 30 times more likely than a car passenger to die in a crash and five times more likely to be injured. During a recent three-week span in Oregon, newspapers described several motorcycle crashes that included an especially deadly crash that resulted in the death of a 19-year-old woman and critically injured a young man when the motorcycle the two were riding drove off the road and into an embankment.  

Oregon's rules for motorcycle riders

Learning about and following Oregon's motorcycle laws can help keep a rider safe:

  • Don't split lanes: Passing an automobile in the same lane and riding between lanes of traffic is prohibited.
  • Wear a helmet: If are riding on a public road, wearing a safety helmet is required by law.
  • Make sure you have an appropriate and functioning motorcycle: Your motorcycle must have side mirrors, functioning turn signals, taillights, etc.
  • You must be insured: You must meet state insurance requirements.

Even if you follow the rules and drive carefully, you can get into a serious accident. Serious accidents often occur due to the behavior of other drivers on the road, especially those who make turns in front of cyclists.

Some courts have a prejudice against motorcyclists, deeming them "wild" riders — even if the accident was entirely the other driver's fault. Therefore, it is important to be represented by an experienced Salem motorcycle accident attorney who has the experience and skills needed to handle these types of cases. If you or someone close to you has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, contact the lawyers at Harris, Wyatt & Amala.

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