Car Accidents That Occur On Defectively Designed Roads

A year ago, a tractor-trailer barreled down Route 222 in Pennsylvania, rear-ending the car in front of it — crushing the car, killing the driver and seriously injuring three other people. Last week, the local district attorney announced that he was charging the truck driver with vehicular homicide and other related offenses.

At the press conference, the prosecutor, as well as the local police chief, specifically singled out the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as the party to blame for the accident. The chief said that his office had investigated hundreds of accidents on Route 222, and that something had to be done to fix the road's design problems, which, he said, contributed to the accident. The Transportation Department denied the charges against it, claiming that the fatal accident was not a design error, but a driver error.

Common examples of road defects

The following are examples of highway or road defects:

  • Poor maintenance, with potholes and other obstructions
  • Poor signage, such as stop signs hidden behind bushes or signs that are missing entirely
  • Poor or no lighting in dangerous areas of the road, such as sharp curves
  • Lack of safety equipment, such as guard rails and crash barriers

A government body in charge of a road has the responsibility to make sure that it is safely designed and properly maintained. In the case above, the state is being accused by two local government officials of failing to live up to those standards.

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