Your Landlord’s Responsibility For Broken Stairs

Apartment building tenants take it for granted that stairs are safe. Unlike an elevator, there are no moving parts on stairs that can go wrong — the stairs are just there. However, stairs can cause life-threatening injuries. Recently, in New York, a man left a party that took place on the roof of a seven-story building. The staircase collapsed beneath him, and he fell through four half-landings, suffering critical injuries. His friends were left stranded on the roof.

Under the theory of premises liability, property owners are required to keep their property safe and are responsible for injuries that occur when they fail to do so.

Recovering from the landlord

The injured partygoer may recover from the landlord if he can show the following:

  • The landlord had a duty to keep the stairs in good condition.
  • The stairs were not in good condition.
  • It was foreseeable that broken stairs would cause an accident.
  • The stairs' collapse directly caused his injuries.

Whether stairs are clearly broken or are hiding defects that can lead to them breaking, if the landlord's failure to repair the stairs led directly to your injury, you should be able to recover damages for your injuries.

If you are injured as a result of a broken stair or other property defect, contact Harris, Wyatt & Amala, Salem attorneys who have experience in successfully representing clients in premises liability actions.

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