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Get help after suffering a catastrophic injury

Catastrophic injuries are injuries that have a major, life-changing effect on you. One of the most serious injuries to fall into this category is a spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injuries come in two forms, those that are complete (severed) and those that are incomplete. A complete injury cuts through the spinal cord, making any area below the point of injury disabled. For example, if your injury is in the region of the mid-back, you may have no feeling below that point and trouble with the bowel or bladder.

How can truck drivers prevent jackknifing accidents?

Trucks can cause accidents for many reasons, but one of the most dangerous is when a truck jackknifes. Commercial drivers are supposed to be trained to avoid this dangerous situation, which can occur when the trailer of the vehicle is moving more quickly than the cab.

The term jackknife come from the shape a pocketknife makes when it folds. That "L" or "V" shape forms an angle of plus or minus 90 degrees that is out of line with the main cabin.

1 killed, 1 seriously hurt in Salem motorcycle crash

When you're riding a motorcycle, you know that your safety often relies on others. You don't have the same protections as typical passenger-vehicle drivers, and a collision is likely to be serious or fatal.

Sadly, a crash happened in Salem and resulted in a death as a result of a motorcycle crash. This is a prime example of how a collision can be a deadly situation for a motorcycle and why drivers must always pay attention and watch out for them.

Your symptoms might be caused by these injuries

Perhaps you were merely running out to the store to pick up a few things the day you got behind the wheel to drive and wound up in the hospital. You may have never even seen signs of potential trouble on the road, especially if the car that hit you came barreling up from behind. Then again, if you noticed another vehicle veering toward the yellow line or randomly speeding up then slowing down, there just may not have been enough time or a safe way to avoid a collision.

If you're like many Oregon accident victims, you might vividly recall the sound of crashing metal or breaking glass when you think back to the moment of impact. If rescue workers took you to the hospital by ambulance or helicopter, your injuries might have been severe. Perhaps you felt fairly well aside from some soreness or shaken nerves after the collision. Sometimes, however, symptoms of injury are not immediately apparent.

Why are motorcyclists at a higher risk of getting hit?

Motorcycles can be a lot of fun, but they also have the potential to put you in danger. As a smaller vehicle, motorcycles can be more difficult for drivers to see. They also offer little in the way of protection, so if you are hit, the chances are that you will get hurt.

As a motorcyclist, you can take steps to stay safe on the roads, even though you are at a higher risk of injuries than some others. You can wear bright colors, make eye contact and slow down when approaching intersections. Still, drivers often make mistakes that cannot be avoided.

Attorneys Carl Amala and Jamie Usera Successfully Negotiate Settlement in Highly Disputed Wrongful Death Case

The trial team of Carl Amala and Jamie Usera successfully negotiated a highly disputed wrongful death case on behalf of the Estate of Karen Greenstein against the State of Oregon and others. Trial was scheduled to begin on August 13, 2019 in Medford. The case settled against the State of Oregon for $500,000, a store that sold beer to the drunk driver for $500,000, and $100,000 from the drunk driver's insurance company. (The limit of insurance coverage.) Mrs. Greenstein, a highly acclaimed 911 operator, was killed in a head-on wrong-way I-5 automobile accident on March 27, 2014 when a drunk driver slammed into her vehicle, literally cutting it in half. The drunk driver had a blood alcohol level of .24%, three times Oregon's legal limit.

Focus on healing, not your finances

A catastrophic injury impacts your life the moment it occurs. Whether it's a broken back, a head injury or other traumatic injury, you'll know it right away. You may have to be rushed into emergency surgery or realize that you can't feel parts of your body when you awaken after a crash.

As a patient with a new disability, it can be hard to adjust. Brain injuries might cause problems with your memory or difficulty walking or taking care of yourself. Spinal injuries could cause severe, chronic pain or mean that you no longer have the ability to walk or use your limbs. Everything can change in a moment, and you're facing the long road of adjusting to these changes.

You can fight for your child's interests after a crash

Motor vehicle accidents can happen to anyone, but they're most tragic when they involve children. From pedestrian accidents that involve kids to traffic collisions that involve entire families, it's difficult to think about these situations.

For parents of kids who are hurt in crashes, it's smart to focus on getting them the best health care. A child's health comes first, and good medical care can make a difference in their quality of life later on.

What are 3 things to do after a truck crash?

Truck accidents are fairly common in Oregon, especially on highways such as Hwy 140 or Interstate 84. Both are busy areas that quickly congest when an accident has taken place, potentially leading to even more collisions.

What's most important is for people to know what to do if they're involved in an accident with a truck. On highways, it's vital that you're able to move your vehicle to the side of the road when possible. If you can, you'll lower the risk of a secondary impact. If you can't, then everyone involved in the accident is at risk of being hit by other drivers who may not slow down in time for the crash scene.

Are spinal-cord stimulators a dangerous medical device?

Patients trust that when their doctors recommend a particular medical device, it is safe for them to use. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Many people end up suffering serious injuries or even death due to faulty medical devices.

If you've heard of a spinal-cord stimulator, you may wonder if it is safe to use. While many people report that it is safe and effective, many other patients have suffered shocks, burns and even nerve damage. Over 500 people have died from using these devices. If you or a loved one here in Oregon suffers an injury due to a spinal-cord stimulator, here is what you need to know.

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