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After suffering an injury because of another’s negligence, medical bills are the last thing you want to deal with. While you may have a legal case, you still have medical bills to take care of. 

You may not realize it, but you can negotiate medical bills. Negotiating is a way to potentially ease your financial burden. No matter who bears responsibility for your injuries and health costs, you may relieve your financial headache. 

Look into your procedures 

Note all the procedures and operations on your medical bill. Then, do some research online on the current prices of those operations and procedures. Compare your findings with the prices on your medical bill as a foundation for negotiating. Having this knowledge beforehand can increase your leverage in these conversations.

Examine the bill 

Carefully study every item listed on the bill for discrepancies, inconsistencies and charges for services or items you did not receive. The medical facility’s administration department may have made a mistake, such as sending your bill to a former health insurance provider rather than your current one. Even if you have insurance to help cover your medical bills, it is still a good idea to ensure your bill is right. Because it can take time to have an incorrect charge wiped from your account, write a dispute letter once you learn who you must contact to fight a charge. 

Ask about options  

Call the hospital billing department to let them know about your financial struggles and ask about alternate payment options. Maybe you can inquire about doing away with fees to settle the bill faster. The facility may offer a monthly payment plan that allows you to pay your bill in installments, just make sure you ask about interest. Another option is to see if you can receive the Medicare price for your service, which may be less expensive than the commercial insurance or patient charge. 

The cost you see on your medical bill is not always final. Take steps to receive quality care for your personal injury without going bankrupt.