Skilled Defense Against A DUII Or Traffic Charge

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Skilled Defense Against A DUII Or Traffic Charge

With an established reputation in criminal courts throughout Willamette Valley, the Salem law firm Harris, Wyatt & Amala provides exceptional defense representation to clients facing DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants) charges. A DUII arrest often involves serious consequences such as jail time, probation, fines and loss of driving privileges, and without effective legal counsel, DUII defendants may face even greater penalties. For more information about drunk driving charges, please visit our DUII website. We defend clients against drunk driving charges.

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DUII Arrest — Oregon’s DUII Laws

In Oregon, a person can be charged and convicted of DUII based on either of two theories:

  • Driving with a .08 or greater BAC (blood alcohol content)
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

DUII Penalties

Driving under the influence of intoxicants is either a Class A misdemeanor or a Class C felony.

  • Misdemeanor DUII is punishable by a maximum sentence of 364 days in jail and a fine of $6,250.
  • Felony DUII is punishable by a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a fine of $125,000.

With effective representation, it is possible to avoid these harsh maximum penalties, receiving instead the minimum penalties available under the law. Our lawyers possess a thorough understanding of Oregon’s DUII laws, as well as an arsenal of defense tactics aimed at mitigating charges brought against our clients.

Take Immediate Action To Retain Your Driving Privileges

In addition to the criminal consequences of a DUII conviction, you also face civil penalties, including license suspension immediately following your arrest. Thus, even before your day in court, a DUII charge can negatively impact your life in many ways, making it difficult to travel to work and efficiently meet your daily obligations.

Failure to request a DMV Administrative Hearing within 10 days after a DUII arrest will result in an automatic driver’s license suspension and preclude your ability to contest the suspension. At Harris, Wyatt & Amala, LLC, we stress that the first 10 days are critical to protecting our clients’ rights after a DUII arrest. As our client, you can be sure that we will immediately begin to investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest, not wasting any time in building your defense. If a suspension is unavoidable, we can help clients obtain temporary driving permits so that they may continue to drive to work.

Traffic Crimes

Our criminal defense attorneys regularly help clients fight charges related to traffic crimes. While certain traffic offenses may seem minor, multiple charges can lead to additional penalties. Furthermore, even traffic offenses categorized as infractions can affect your driving privileges and your insurance rates, and some offenses may be charged as misdemeanors or even felonies.

Serious Traffic-Related Crimes

In addition to DUII, we have experience defending clients against a range of other serious traffic-related crimes, including reckless driving, hit-and-run, fleeing or attempting to evade a police officer, vehicular assault and driving with a suspended license.

Put Your Defense In Capable Hands

Along with the immediate consequences of a DUII arrest, a conviction can impact your personal and professional life for years to come, affecting your ability to procure employment, promotions or a professional license. We work tirelessly to defend our clients against DUII charges, allowing them to put this stressful and difficult time behind them as swiftly as possible.

Your defense will be in capable hands: Gig Wyatt have devoted much of their legal practice to DUII defense and all of our attorneys and clients benefit from his experience. Please contact our offices or call 866-364-4872 today if you have been charged with drunk driving.