Dedicated Representation For Car Accident Injury Victims

Every Injury Tells A Story

After a serious injury, the story of your life changes. At Harris, Wyatt & Amala, we strive to help you find the best ending to that story.

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Dedicated Representation For Car Accident Injury Victims

For most people, driving is just another daily function we perform without considering the possibility of danger. When you sit behind the wheel you are expected to exercise reasonable care and obey traffic laws. Unfortunately, not all motorists follow the same duty of care. When another driver’s negligence causes your injury, you need strong legal representation. Based in Salem, the personal injury attorneys at Harris, Wyatt & Amala pursue maximum damages for car accident victims throughout Oregon.

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Establishing The Liable Party

Automated braking and steering to avoid a collision can only do so much. Driver negligence continues to outpace the automated safety and accident prevention features in vehicles. Determining driver negligence is a crucial step for a successful claim. We work with experts to investigate who or what caused the accident. Once liability is established, we strategically prepare your claim for negotiations or trial. Although many personal injury claims settle out of the courtroom, preparing for trial means a stronger case. We are ready to litigate on your behalf if necessary to reach a satisfactory settlement.

First And Foremost A Business

Many accident victims are surprised by the shrewd nature of insurance companies after a car accident. But insurance companies are first and foremost a business. Their goal is to turn a profit. To achieve that goal, they work diligently to quickly settle injury claims for as little as possible. Insurance companies also deny claims, even when the claim is completely valid. We know their defense tactics and build your case to counter their arguments. To learn more about protecting yourself after an accident, please visit our steps to take after a car accident page.

Let Us Handle The Red Tape

After an accident, you will likely have concerns about how to pay for your medical treatment and vehicle repairs or replacement. Let our lawyers wade through the piles of paperwork and red tape for filing a claim. We will work on pursuing a recovery that represents the injuries you suffered. You need to concentrate on a successful recovery. To schedule a free consultation, please send us an email or call 866-364-4872.