Do You Have Questions About Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

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Do You Have Questions About Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

The attorneys at Harris, Wyatt & Amala are recognized in Salem and throughout the Willamette Valley as highly skilled, effective personal injury litigators. In the interest of sharing some basic, but important, information, we have compiled this page of frequently asked questions.

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How Much Damage Does Car Accident Insurance Cover?

Oregon’s mandatory insurance law requires every driver to carry vehicle insurance. The minimum liability insurance required for every driver includes bodily injury and property damage liability for $25,000 per person, $50,000 per crash for bodily injury to others and $20,000 per crash for damage to the property of others. State law also requires a minimum motor vehicle liability policy covering $15,000 of personal injury protection per person and $25,000 per person and $50,000 per crash for bodily injury of uninsured motorist coverage. Failure to comply with Oregon’s insurance regulations will result in significant fines and the potential loss of driving privileges.

What Kind Of Compensation Can I Expect If I Bring A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Every case is different and there is no mathematical calculation for determining the appropriate compensation in a given case. In general, however, the law allows an injured person to recover economic damages, which include things like medical bills, lost wages and vehicle damage, as well as noneconomic damages, which include emotional distress or pain and suffering caused by your physical injuries.

How Much Will I Pay Upfront For Your Services?

To retain our services costs you nothing upfront. We represent plaintiffs on a contingency basis, which is based off of a percentage of what we recover for you, so there are no upfront attorney fees. You will only pay the contingent fee if we successfully recover compensation from the at-fault party. Put simply, if we do not successfully recover a personal injury settlement for you, we do not get paid for our services.

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