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Harris, Wyatt & Amala, LLC provides determined legal representation to motorists, passengers and pedestrians injured in car accidents. With decades of experience, our attorneys have the knowledge and legal skill to provide the personalized support needed for even the most complex auto accident cases. We are genuinely committed to helping our clients receive full and fair compensation for all physical, emotional and financial losses while easing the stress of the legal process.

Going beyond statistics to understand the common causes of auto accidents

To effectively represent you, an attorney must understand the legal issues surrounding different types of auto accidents. A brief survey of Oregon crash statistics tells us how accidents commonly occur, but not necessarily why:

  • In 2013, Oregon saw 49,510 motor vehicle accidents, 292 of which were fatal and 22,984 of which produced nonfatal injuries.
  • Fatalities occurred mostly when cars hit pedestrians (49), other moving vehicles (115),or fixed objects (121).
  • Traffic fatalities were down seven percent in Oregon in 2013 (313) from 2012 (337).
  • Although urban areas had more injury accidents than rural areas (17,436 to 5,548), rural areas had more fatalities (181 to 111).

But Oregon also keeps track of contributing factors, which gives some insight into the causes:

  • Excessive speed — Led to 7,349 accidents, 114 fatalities and 3,454 nonfatal injuries
  • Failing to yield — Led to 9,947 accidents, 40 fatalities and 4,862 nonfatal injuries
  • Running a stop sign or red light — Led to 3,203 accidents, 25 fatalities and 1,787 nonfatal injuries
  • Improper passing — Led to 717 accidents, 15 fatalities and 274 nonfatal injuries
  • Tailgating — Led to 15,928 accidents, 2 fatalities and 8,109 nonfatal injuries
  • Drinking alcohol — Led to 2,466 accidents, 121 fatalities and 1,293 nonfatal injuries
  • Mechanical defect — Led to 374 accidents, 3 fatalities and 186 nonfatal injuries
  • Miscellaneous driving error — Led to 3,804 accidents, 44 fatalities and 1,501 nonfatal injuries

These statistics bear out the conventional wisdom that aggressive driving, drunk driving and distractions, such as cellphone use and texting, contribute mightily to vehicle accidents in Oregon.

Helping you understand your legal options and enforce your rights

Our car accident attorneys support the needs of our injured clients by presenting all appropriate options for pursuing the compensation they deserve. We make sure you have the full information needed to make educated decisions for your claim. Depending on the details of an accident and the extent of the injuries to yourself and others, you might choose:

  • An auto insurance claim. These typically provide the quickest settlement, but the losses of seriously injured accident victims often exceed policy limits. Victims with long-term injuries or permanent disability cannot recover the full costs of medical treatment that may extend over a lifetime by filing an auto insurance claim. Insurance policies also do not cover lost work income, the need for home care, and emotional trauma.
  • An out-of-court settlement. Negotiated agreements often result in full compensation without the high costs associated with going to court. However, for negotiations to work, there often has to be a very real threat of the case going to trial.
  • A civil lawsuit. Although it involves a lengthier and more stressful legal process, a jury trial can deliver the generous awards that our seriously injured clients need to move forward in life. Our attorneys have extensive litigation experience, and we make sure our clients know what to expect while answering their questions every step of the way.

We understand each client has unique personal needs, and we make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option so you can make an educated decision.

Seek experienced, compassionate legal representation for your car accident

If you or a loved one suffered injury in an auto accident, Harris, Wyatt & Amala, LLC will treat your case with the urgency it deserves. We have extensive experience in cases that cover a wide variety of accidents and injuries. For committed attorneys who are determined to see you fully compensated, call 971-599-6723 or contact us online.